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We provide a wide range of surveying
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Palliser Surveys History

Palliser Surveys was established in December of 2012, created by Jamie & Rheanne Lehmkuhl from Elrose SK. As the only employees of Palliser at that time, it was thought that we would work primarily inside the bounds of west central Saskatchewan, which is inside the Palliser Triangle. The Palliser Triangle is an area of Canadian prairies, proclaimed by Captain John Palliser, to be unfit for settlers because of the arid climate. Being located inside the Palliser Triangle, and as a tribute John Palliser, the Palliser Surveys name was born. The shape of the Palliser logo also approximates the shape of the Palliser Triangle.

As Palliser Surveys evolved, the area that Palliser provides service to is certainly not limited to the geographic bounds of the Palliser Triangle.

Right of Ways

Right of Ways' including underground line locates for Utility Companies, and providing Right of Way Easements where required. We also perform road and road widening surveys for RMs, and post construction as built surveys.

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Construction Surveys

Includes building layout, pile layout, deep and shallow utilities, parking lots and grading.

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Legal Surveys

Subdivisions, parcels, property line staking, RPRs, topographical surveys and Right of Way surveys.

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We provide legal land surveying services to rural Saskatchewan.